Why Your Android Battery Is Charging Slowly 2020

Android Battery Is Charging Slowly –Hello are you need freedom from your battery life. so don’t worry today I will have some tips and reasons why your android battery charging slowly. so without wasting time lets talk about why your android battery charge is slow. but first, we know that

android is a device that helps you to operate lollipop, marshmellow, etc operating systems. in 2020 android is a very popular device in this century. now I will share with you the tips to charge your device fastly and down slowly

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Some reasons why your android phone charge slowly

if you want to know why your android charging is slow and battery low is very fast so below I am sharing some reasons so read it.


Mobile Age

if your mobile is very old so that means it damages some parts of the le motherboard like battery charging tools. because some mobile can’t recover your mother board’s fault automatically so that is the main reason why your battery charging is slow.Why Your Android Battery Is Charging Slowly

if we talk about how to fix that issue so you can send you mobile to the official mobile center and ask him to repair it and he is repairing your mobile. and trust me it is performed better when it returned.

Your Data Cable

after 5-6 months your data cable damaged. so if your data cable is very old please check it and buy new data cable.Why Your Android Battery Is Charging Slowly

some user uses other brands’ data cable that is wong effect to your battery and properly damages your battery. so use only the same brand data cable for your device for charging. because it is safe for your battery to damage and another issue.

use only the same brand data cable. because it is fast-charge your mobile and gives you battery life for a long time. and some users change data cables many times so please don’t do that use only one for a long time and use only original data cable.

Week Power Source

some user uses your laptop and computer for charge your mobile trust me its is easily destroy your battery properly because computer and laptop do not give proper power in volts for charge your mobile. your mobile wants high power minimum 2v power but the computer gives only 1v.Why Your Android Battery Is Charging Slowly

but in rare, some computers and laptops give power more than 5v and it is very high power for us and it is destroying your battery life very easily. so never use your computer and laptop USB point for charging.

bad battery

some mobile battery is already damaged because when you are playing have apps and other files it and not load properly and have load apps also damage your mobile life.Why Your Android Battery Is Charging Slowly

so please check your battery and give it to the mobile repairing shop he is checking your battery and give you an honest review.

background apps

in some mobile autoload some background apps. so it is running the apps automatically. it looks like hunger guys the same so that means it is using your battery power and low your battery when you don’t use your phone.Why Your Android Battery Is Charging Slowly

so if you don’t know how to of background apps running options. just go to your mobile settings and search your developer options. click the developer options and search there a background running apps. then switch to no background processing.


so hope you enjoy why your android charging is slowly. if you have any issues related to that article please comment below and ask any questions related to that article.

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