Watch Curon Italian Thriller Series on Netflix, Curon Horror Drama Review, Curon Cast

Curon Netflix Review:

The Curon Netflix show has an interesting plot, although there are also some troubling bumps. Curon is definitely a stream worthy show for all those who are fans of shows like The Vampire Diaries, Dark, etc. Curon shows how relationships are formed and broken and how they form a vital part of one’s life. The show is adventurous and thrilling, too. However, there are moments in the show that can create confusion, and one might wonder if it really was necessary. While the background is interesting, the show does not provide the right amount of thrill and suspense needed for stories. In the first few episodes, the series is hard to get a hold-off. It takes a lot of courage to finish it till the end. The later suspense is portrayed perfectly, and the characters, particularly the twins, also play their part well in the story.

Watch: Curon Official Trailer

Curon Overview:

Curon Details
Directed by

Fabio Mollo, Lyda Patitucci

Written by

Ezio Abbate, Ivano Fachin, Giovanni Galassi, Tommaso Matano

Starring Valeria Bilello Luca Lionello
No of Episodes 7
Released on Netflix
Release Date 10 June 2020

Curon Cast:

  • Valeria Bilello as Anna Raina

  • Luca Lionello as Thomas Raina

  • Federico Russo as Mauro Raina, 

  • Margherita Morchio as Daria Raina, 

  • Anna Ferzetti as Klara Asper

  • Alessandro Tedeschi as Albert Asper

  • Juju Di Domenico as Micki Asper, 

  • Giulio Brizzi as Giulio Asper

  • Max Malatesta as Michael Ober

  • Luca Castellano as Lucas, 

  • Sebastiano Fumagalli as Davide

  • Mihaela Dorlan as young Anna Raina, 

  • Katja Lechthaler as Lili Raina, 

  • Salvatore De Santis as Berger

  • Giuseppe Gandini as Matteo

  • Filippo Marsili as young Albert Asper, 

  • Giulio Cristini as Pietro

  • Christoph Hülsen as Daniel

  • Maximilian Dirr as Don Luigi

  • Markus Candela

  • Greta Sacco

  • Federica Pocaterra as young Klara

Where is Curon TV Series Filmed?

Curon TV series was primarily filmed in the titular Italian town of Curon itself, situated in the area bordering Austria and Switzerland, in South Tyrol. According to The Cinemaholic, other locations used in the series include the Gampen Bunker at Passo Palade.

Hope Netflix will confirm Curon Season 2 in the upcoming months. Stay connected with us to know upcoming News regarding Curon Season 2. 

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