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Facts about Ponmagal Vanthal Tamil Movie:

Ponmagal Vandhal, meaning wealth goddess appeared, is an upcoming Indian Tamil legal drama, written and directed by J. J. Fredrick made his debut, and Suriya is the producer of the movie. The Ponmagal Vandhal Tamil movie consists of co-actors like K. Bhagyaraj, R. Parthiban, Pandiarajan, Pratap Pothen, Thiagarajan. It’s planned to stream digitally on Amazon Prime Video on 29 May 2020. It was declared in July 2019 that the next film of Jyothika would be titled, Ponmagal Vandal. It is J’s first directorial debut. Friedrich, J. Suriya did bankroll the film under 2D Entertainment, photographed by Ramji and edited by Ruben.

Ponmagal Vandhal is scheduled to be released on Prime Video on 29 May 2020. It was initially expected to be released theatrically on March 27th, but the theatrical release was scrapped in favor of an OTT release due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Cast and Crew of the Ponmagal Vanthal Tamil Movie:

Ponmagal Vanthal Tamil Movie Cast  Ponmagal Vanthal Tamil Movie Crew
Director J. J. Fredrick 
Producer Suriya
Co-Producer Rajsekar Karpoorasundarapandian
Heroine Jyothika
Co-Actors K. Bhagyaraj, R. Parthiban, Pandiarajan, Pratap Pothen, Thiagarajan
Music Govind Vasantha 
Language Tamil
Release Date 29th of May 2020

Ponmagal Vandhal Tami Movie Tracks:

The Ponmagal Vandhal Tami Movie has 3 Tracks in Total. Music launched in 2020. The music composer of  Ponmagal Vandhal Tami Movie is  Govind Vasantha.

1st Track is Vaa Chellam. The Song Lyrics is written by lyrist Vivek and sung by Brindha Sivakumar (singer). The total duration of the song is 2:38 minutes. The 2nd Track is Vaan Thooral Gal, written by Uma Devi, and singer Chinmayi has sung the song. The duration of the Vaan Thooral Gal song is 3:28 minutes. The 3rd track is Kalaigirathe Kanave, written by Uma Devi, sung by Govind Vasantha, and the song duration is 3:10 minutes.

Amazon Prime Video release Motion poster of Ponmagal Vandhal Tamil Movie:

The Ponmagal Vandhal Tamil Movie provides the viewer with a sneak peek into an obviously gripping drama in the courtroom that claims the true sense of justice and finds the secret truth behind it. The movie features winning actor Jyothika. The digital release of Ponmagal Vandhal Tamil Movie is scheduled to release on 29 May 2020. The motion poster of Ponmagal Vandhal Movie reveals it is a legal drama attempting to examine the importance of fair justice. Exploring various aspects of a court case, the poster also features the famous line, Delay injustice is injustice.

Watch Ponmagal Vandhal Tamil Movie on Amazon Prime:

As per the report, Ponmagal Vandhal Tamil Movie will be released on Amazon Prime on 29 May. The Ponmagal Vandhal Tamil Movie notes that the film’s title is influenced by a song from Sivaji Ganesan’s 1970 movie Sorgam. The nearly 2-minute trailer follows lawyer Venba (tested by Jyotika), who is determined to save a woman who has been wrongfully convicted.

The Ponmagal Vandhal Tamil Movie was written and directed by debutant JJ Fredrick, with K Bhagyaraj, R Parthiepan, Pandiarajan, and Pratap Pothen also playing crucial roles. 

The decision by the producers of Ponmagal Vandhal Tamil Movie to release it on Amazon Prime video has upset Tamil Nadu Theater and the Association of Multiplex Owners. They had even threatened to boycott any future projects which were released under the banner of Suriya.

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About Actoress Jyothika

  • On 18 October 1977, Jyothika Saravanan was born. She is an Indian actress who appears mainly in Tamil movies. Also, she has acted in some Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, and Hindi movies.

  • Jyothika and Suriya got married in 2006 with 2 children. 

  • Back in 1997, her 1st Bollywood flick was Doli Saja Ke Rakhna, which was directed by Priyadarshan.

  • Jyothika was born to a Maharashtrian mother and a Punjabi father. Her father is the film producer Chander Sadanah, and her mother is Seema Sadanah. Actress Nagma is half-sister to her.

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