Pokemon TCG Online Latest Version 2.72.0 APK Download

You will enjoy Pokemon TCG Online latest APK 2.72.0 (4865) with more features and attractive graphic. TGC stands for Trading Card Game. Pokémon is popular franchise in game industry since decades ago. You will find many games based on Pokémon character and storyline the TGC is one of them. This game has interesting gameplay with several game modes. You will act as Pokémon trainer to win the battle against computer or other players. As you know, Pokémon TGC was real card gaming with card at hand. Developer expanded it into online and mobile version for smartphone.

Pokemon TCG Online File Information

Developer: The Pokémon Company International
Version: 2.72.0 (4865)
File size: 49 MB
Uploaded: June 17, 2020 at 10:11AM GMT+07
Requirement: Android 4.0 and up
MD5: 8296c2c4fa4bc881ccb24f1fa36df696
SHA1: 58db5d6faa1ac069da02f984a55392e8599fc69c

Download Pokemon TCG Online APK 2.72.0

Pokemon TCG Online APK v2.72.0

Pokemon TCG Online review

You have decks with some cards. Each of cards consists of different character and few limited features. You should put card on arena and wait opponent to do similar thing. After that, your card will fight against enemy. Keep in mind that it is battle between characters on cards. Strong card will win the game then you can gain more reward. You can boost the card ability through energy card to increase attack level. As you know, this kind of attack will give high damage for opponent.

You have some modes for this game. Firstly, player plays against system. The main objective is winning the battle then gaining more reward and card. This is good start for beginner before challenging another player. This game uses internet connection, so the challenge mode is suitable to gain more decks from other players. After winning, opponent should give card to winner as prize. Pokemon TCG Online for Android is also possible to trade between one to others. You may have more cards and want to trade with different one. Trading requires transaction and good way to increase the deck skill.

This game looks simple, but not easy to play. You need strategy to win and knowing the card ability is the best method to win. Another mode is theme mode where the battle is based on certain theme. You can gain more cards from particular theme to put on your disposal. This is also part of strategy to win the game. After winning several matches, you will gain ticket to participate in tournament and players compete each other’s to reach the top level. The graphic is very vivid on smartphone mode. Some backgrounds give interactive appearance to enjoy the game ultimately.


  • There are more decks and cards.
  • It offers interesting gameplay and Interactive graphic.
  • You can interact with other players.


  • You may need time to learn many cards.

How to Play

As mentioned above, Pokémon is global brand and franchise. You can recognize some popular characters from Pokémon. However, this game has many cards with unique character and ability. In the first step, you may need to learn basic way to draw the right card and set proper decks. This is not simple game to play, so time is very valuable to invest for learning. It is better to enhance one theme of card as specialization. For example, you have all elements but still need to enhance one particular element to increase winning probability. After one element is at the top level, start to do the same thing for others. This is good way to reach the top player position.


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