Play Games on Qureka Pro App and Earn free Paytm Cash, Download Qureka Pro App now

Qureka Pro:

Qureka Pro is a competitive platform for gaming. All of us love games, and all of us love bonuses too. And the two of us clubbed-Play Games & Win Cash prizes. High scorers win cash prizes and coins at Qureka Pro and compete on the score with others. All games are based on skill, so get your game up.

What makes Qureka special?

Not only are the great cash prizes getting users to play on Qureka, but there’s a lot more to it. The application provides the users with a highly rewarding experience from a detailed information building and learning perspective. In addition, the app is one of India’s lowest data-consuming apps that has resulted in greater satisfaction with no lag or buffering. It barely consumes 6 to 7 MB of data and ranks in the quiz show among the fastest mobile game. Here, the playtime is limited to 3 – 10 minutes per question, keeping the user entertained and amused.

Maximum championship participants in Qureka Pro: 

Every championship has a fixed maximum number of competitors, a fixed time period, and a specified maximum winning reward. By the conclusion of the competition, rewards are dependent on the ranks, and ranks are decided by the highest score of each competition participant. Each championship is distinct from each other and is independent. Maximum championship participants currently vary from 2 players up to a maximum of 10,000 players. It is likely to change in the future; however, as traffic on the Qureka Pro platform increases.

Any player registering on the Qureka Pro app will take part in practice championships, coin championships, cash championships, and promotional championships. Downloading the Qureka Pro app and building an account is free of charge and allows a player to share some details, such as email address, mobile number, state of play, etc.

  • Coin competitions have a coin and coin entry fee on prizes. Users use the app to get free coins each

  • Practice championships have no entrance fee and cash prizes funded in whole or in part by Qureka Pro

  • Promotional championships may or may not have an entry fee and bear cash prizes, which may be sponsored in part or in full by Qureka Pro 

  • Cash championships have an entry fee; in some cases, Qureka Pro can partially fund the entry fee. These championships carry cash prizes that may or may not be sponsored in whole or in part by Qureka Pro

What are the coins in Qureka Pro?

Coins on the Qureka Pro App are digital currency. These coins are used to play games, and they can’t be converted into cash to win more coins.

What are the types of Wallets in the Qureka Pro App?

The types of Wallets in the Qureka Pro App are Winning Wallet, Deposit wallet, Bonus balance, and Coins Wallet. 

Winning Wallet: In this Wallet, all the cash winnings earned by playing games or quizzes come in. Just cash can be removed from the wallet.

Deposit Wallet: All the money deposited in the Qureka Pro App will appear and be deposited to this wallet once. This can be used to play games but can’t be disabled.

Bonus balanceAll the cash rewards won from Spin the Wheel will come in this pocket, playing coin games, welcoming games, welcome bonus. These can be used to play games. 
Can’t withdraw it. 

Coins Wallet: This is where all the coin won will appear. It can be used to play games on coins.

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