How to keep your glasses from fogging up?

The recent outbreak of COVID-19 worldwide forced us to remain indoors and wear masks. It was all a helpful idea to us about the protective mask until our glasses started to get fogged up. If you are here, reading this article then my friend, your glasses are doing the same with you. Isn’t it? The percentage of people wearing corrective eyewear around the world is quite high. Almost 7 in 10 people wear glasses in the US and its’ seen to be increasing in recent years.

Getting your glasses blurry is not great for work. You get conditional distraction due to it hence will have to clear the lenses now and then. People are so tired of this problem that they are seeking ophthalmologist help in these situations. The latest complaint is all about keeping their glasses clean from getting fogged up. We went ahead to look for this impossible problem and came up with effective solutions. Here are some of our vital and helpful tips and advice to prevent your glasses and vision from turning blurry.

Why do my glasses get foggy?

People who wear glasses frames are used to getting their glasses foggy. You must have experienced such instances in your life when you travel from warm indoors into cool outdoor areas. Or when you look closely at hot food or open an oven door. The fogging of glasses in these situations happens in a minute.

The same situation happens while wearing our mask. While wearing a mask, the hollow area around our nose let the warm air from our mouth reach upward directly. It reaches from our mouth, to cheek and then our eyes. The warm air exhaled from our mouth lands on the cooler lenses and causes condensation on the surface. That creates a foggy film on the cover which blurs our vision.

How to prevent your glasses from getting foggy?

The problem of getting your glasses foggy has happened before with people. Hence fortunately for you, most of them have also found various preventive steps to prevent getting your glasses foggy. Here are some of the most effective ways suggested by people and veteran ophthalmologists in the Uk to keep your glasses clean and clear.

Find a good fit mask – People are wearing masks of different kinds. However, for people with glasses getting foggy, medical masks with bendable metal strips are highly recommended. The metal is extremely lightweight and present at the top of the mask, on top of your nose. These are known as surgical masks, it’s available in many stores now but if you don’t own one, you can easily create one. Use a pipe cleaner or twist tie in between the fabric of your mask and adjust it while wearing. A well-fitted mask helps to trap your breath and let it escape from downward direction or from sideways. The breath doesn’t travel up and hence there’s no presence of foggy lenses anymore.

Use Medical Tape – The main idea behind taping your mask is to prevent the hot air from your mouth from reaching your eyes. Hence by taping your mask with white, a medical, adhesive bandage can help to seal the top region. It will restrict the flow of air and hence will cause no eye fogginess. When we tell you to use tape, don’t use any tape. Nonporous household tapes like duct tape and packing tape are not very effective in sealing and also cause skin irritation. If you are wearing one of your designer prescription glasses then don’t risk the use of these tapes as they can create a side impact.

Wear your mask Up – The best way to avoid even a little bit of hot air on the surface of your glasses is by pulling up your mask. Don’t let your mask loosely hang on your face, pull it higher and place your glasses above it. If you wear glasses that are thicker than that it would work significantly better in those situations.

You can get thick frame glasses of various shapes, colours and patterns at Specscart. It is a Manchester-based eyewear startup that offers the best frames in superior British quality. Problems like “reglaze my glasses” to “free eye test” and many more, this eyewear startup will help get a better alternative that lets you handle the mask very comfortably.


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