How to enable dark mode in youtube in android and Computer 2020

How to enable dark mode in youtube in android and Computer– So here is the best way to enable this feature. Today I will share youtube dark mode features with you. So before we start we know thatHow to enable dark mode in youtube in android and Computer

Youtube is a video platform. Where you can watch millions of videos with billions of categories. You can also change the video quality like 720p, 1080p and many other qualities. Youtube is now a google product and you are not only watching here video you can also upload videos here and earn money from youtube using google AdSense because google AdSense has approved your youtube monetization and showing ads on your youtube video and earn many money according to your youtube videos. 

YouTube dark mode is a very good feature. Because it protects your eyes from damage. Because many people watch videos on YouTube without taking a break and it causes damage to your eyes. In some mobile have already a dark mode features or eye protector but some phone have no any facility so now i am thinking to share this article with you and protect yourself 

So in the last article I shared how to enable dark mode on WhatsApp. Hope you read it and like that article. If you have not read that article yet. Click here and read so let’s talk about how to enable YouTube dark mode. 

How to enable youtube dark mode in android

If you are an android device user. Don’t worry I am also sharing android steps and you can learn easily to enable dark mode. So follow these steps to enable dari mode in android.

First go to playstore and update your youtube app. If it is properly updated now open youtube and go to settings.

Now click general settings and here the dark mode option in switch off. If you’re not find that option look the below screenshot and switch on the dark mode optionsHow to enable dark mode in youtube in android and Computer

Finally it is enabled. You can check your youtube it is now dark theme activated. 

How to enable youtube dark mode computer

If you use youtube on the computer. And don’t know that feature. Don’t worry, here I will teach you how to enable YouTube dark mode on the computer. 

First visit YouTube and click your profile icon. Then scroll down and where you can see the dark mode theme option just click that option. Now it is enabled your youtube theme is now dark.How to enable dark mode in youtube in android and ComputerHow to enable dark mode in youtube in android and Computer

So if you follow those steps you can easily enable dark mode in the computer. 


Hope you enjoy this article. And you can now properly learn about dark mode in youtube if you have any issue related to that article feel free and comment below. I will help you to resolve any issue related to this article and other articles. 

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