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Enable dark mode on Facebook– recently WhatsApp has launched the dark mode features and now Facebook is also launched that features that provide you to rights change your Facebook theme light to dark easily. Some days ago if you want to change the Facebook theme you need to install third-party apps like launchers, eye protector and many more apps. 

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But today I am very happy to tell you Facebook has changed in your system and make your dark theme in Facebook lite apk, messenger and Facebook apps. In this feature, you can easily enable dark mode and use dark mode. 

What is the Facebook dark mode?

So if you don’t know what is dark mode so don’t worry I am telling you dark mode is a Facebook features that will change your Facebook theme light to dark color.


When you enable dark mode your battery life works a long time and not fastly low. Because dark mode saves your battery power and gives a little brightness to your phone for loading that means your mobile battery life going to long. 

So now we talk about how to enable it. Let’s start

How to enable dark mode in Facebook lite?

First, you need to install the latest version of Facebook lite from the play store. 

After you are installing the latest version just open your Facebook lite and login with an account that you want in dark mode. 

And now go to settings and find the dark mode option and just open the dark mode switch.How to Enable dark mode in Facebook

Now you can look your Facebook dark mode is enabled. That is the best way to enable dark mode in Facebook lite. 

Enable dark mode in Facebook Web

Now if you are using Facebook in desktop mode. So don’t worry you can also enable it on your computer or laptop easily. 

First, open your Facebook account from the Facebook website. 

Now go to chrome extension and search dark mode extension and download it then install it.How to Enable dark mode in Facebook

You can check your Facebook dark mode is enabled. You can see your chats, news feed, etc is now dark. 

Profits of dark mode in Facebook

  • Your battery life is work for a long time in a day. 
  • Your Facebook is doing fastly after dark mode enabled
  • That gives you awesome design and smooth layout in dark mode
  • Dark mode always protects your eyes from weakness

Last words

So hope you learn how to enable dark mode on Facebook. Recently I was talking about WhatsApp and YouTube dark mode. If you have not read yet that articles. So please read it.

Please share those articles with your friends and I have always published that type of article in my blog if you have any interest in that type of article please read that blog daily. 


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