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Change WhatsApp and Facebook text font style in android – hey guys are you want to awesome chats style in messages so today I will share tips with you so let’s start

Anyone wants to give the best impression with your chat partner in WhatsApp, Facebook, and other social apps. I have some tricks to change the fonts styles easily using android apps. 

There are many android apps but I filter some best apps for you. That gives you the best fonts styles easily so without wasting time lets start the article.

Top chat fonts styles changing Android apps

Change text font style in android
Change text font style in android

In this article, I am sharing with you some android apps who allow you to change your text style in any messenger like Facebook and WhatsApp. 

Fancy keyboardChange text font style in android

The fancy keyboard is the one best and popular android keyboard on another keyboard. This keyboard has thousands of fonts styles. Like bold, italic, cursive, etc 

In this keyboard, you can changes anytime text styles easily. That has an option in your keyboard left upper corner have fonts styles option and you can easily change your text style from there. 

You can not only change that text style you can also change keyboard design and color and also change keyboard key fonts according to your interest. 

I am using this keyboard for more than 2 years and it is doing the best work. That the reason why I do not switch that keyboard to other keyboards. 

Swift keyboardChange text font style in android

The swift keyboard is a really good android keyboard. It has a good text style but it has only 10 20 fonts styles.

But if we talk that keyboard smoothness. It is very smooth and you can type easily. Some keyboard is very hard to typing and if we click 2 3 times then 1 key is pressing if you know what I mean. 

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So if you want to changes text style in fastly so install swift keyboard from play store

Xploree AI keyboardChange text font style in android

This keyboard is launched some days ago. This is the good keyboard for a lite chat and minimum chats. Because it has not bigger fonts styles.

But this keyboard has many chat emojis and keyboard design. So you can easily install it from the play store.

Fancy font stylish keyboardChange text font style in android

So that is the last keyboard that is filtered today fir the best keyboard and I find that in last. This is the best keyboard for the Android platform. 

You can easily change font style and keyboard design. It has many font styles. You can install it from the play store and google. 

I use that keyboard last year but some issues like it are working slowly and lagging in some social websites so I am switching that app to the fancy keyboard. 

Last word

So hope you find the best keyboard for your device to that is cool. If you have any doubts related to this article and if you have any error with that keyboard. So please comment down and ask your questions, please. 

Please share this article with your friends and other social platforms and support me. I am always uploading that type of article so please visit regularly.

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