Candy That was Stolen Riddle: Solved & Explained here

What is Candy That was Stolen Riddle?

Puzzles, riddles, and challenges have become viral in no time as people have been seeking different and fun ways to connect during the lockdown. Such mind-challenging riddles are making rounds on WhatsApp groups and on Social Media. During lockdown and self-quarantine, people are finding ways to pass their time. A lot of people are spending time on their hobbies like reading, cooking, playing indoor games, etc. 

Solving riddles, puzzles, and brain teasers online are one of the many things that the people have identified to keep them busy and active. These riddles help one develop critical and analytical skills, and sometimes they are also fun to solve. Amidst the lockdown, more and more puzzles are being shared and one of them is a Candy That was Stolen Riddle that has been doing the rounds on social media.

Check out Candy That was Stolen Riddle

In this Candy That was Stolen Riddle, one is asked to find the number of legs on the floor.

Take a look at the question!

The riddle goes like this:

“What do you call candy that was stolen?”.

The riddle seems easy but it is more difficult to solve than it seems. While solving the riddle one should have in mind that the same word can have multiple different meanings.

What is the answer to Candy That was Stolen Riddle?

Did you find your answer to the Candy That was Stolen Riddle? Here is the answer to all those who want to see if their Candy That was Stolen Riddle answer is correct or not.

The correct answer to Candy That was Stolen Riddle is “Hot Chocolate”.

How is answer Hot Chocolate?

The answer to this riddle is Hot Chocolate. In American slang, the word hot also means ‘stolen’, that is, any stolen item that is easily identifiable. This riddle can only be solved by those who know about American slang. These stolen items can be easily tracked by law enforcement, such stolen goods are often termed as ‘Hot’. Due to this reason, hot chocolate can also mean stolen chocolate or stolen candy. 

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